Coming September 2023!

Two great schools become one as York Avenue Preschool & Eastside Day School have joined together. Discover York Avenue Day School on the Upper East Side.

The Eastside Day School uses a play-based approach and an emergent curriculum to foster and develop children’s growth across all domains:

At the core of our program is an emphasis on social and emotional development of the child. We do this by respecting children’s competency and valuing each child’s unique contribution to the classroom community.

Physical development is vital to all areas of learning. We promote this through physical activities led by our team of professionally trained gymnastics coaches. Children will also take regular trips to the playground and the neighborhood parks. Small muscle and fine motor coordination is further developed in the classroom through a variety of sensory-based activities.

We promote cognitive growth by cultivating a disposition toward inquiry and learning. Teachers create opportunities for children to solve problems, make decisions, experiment, predict, plan and question in a variety of contexts and environments.

Language and literacy exposure in early childhood education is vital to development. We provide children with opportunities for all children to talk, discuss and share ideas in a conversational and text-rich environment.


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