Manhattan Preschool

A Manhattan preschool might have a different understanding of how certain philosophies play out in practice. When you have your short list, schedule visits the Manhattan daycare center and preschools that made the cut. You should meet the directors in person and see the teachers and children interacting in the classroom so that you can get a sense of the environment.

For example, pay attention to the tone of voice the teacher takes with the children, look at the cleanliness of the classroom and notice if the children and teachers are engaged in a cooperative and collaborative way. Some Manhattan preschools and daycare centers require your child come in for a classroom visit. See how your child responds to the school and the teachers. Does he seem interested in getting to know the teachers? Are the activities ones your child enjoys? By watching how he reacts you'll have a better idea whether a Manhattan preschool is a good fit or not. Most important, trust your instincts, often the first impression is the correct one.

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