Upper East Side Daycares

The Upper East Side daycares and preschool adds that they cater to the needs of families who are seeking a high-quality early childhood experience for their children. Students have access to the on-site playground and the gym and they will be participate in weekly music and gym programs. Eastside is license from the Department of Health and meet the high standards set forth by NYC.

The Upper East Side Daycares and Preschool is a play-based, developmentally appropriate program that respects and honors the way young children learn. They believe that young children are competent and capable and it is the curiosity of these children that propels them to learn about the world. The Eastside Day School provides opportunities for all the children to succeed in an atmosphere that is caring and that values the individual. The Eastside Day School is an upper eastside daycare that incorporates a variety of educational theories and approaches in an environment that is intellectually stimulating, emotionally nurturing and playful.

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